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Your Flaw Is A Part Of Your Masterpiece

March 18, 2016


Even the flaw in an artistic piece becomes a part of the masterpiece :


Life has its ups and downs, challenges difficulties, and plane old what the heck moments. Macbeth's famous line "Out damn spot" spoke to the stain that was not just on the Queen's garment; but her conscience, consciousness, soul, spirit and mind. So many times because we have been stained, we see ourselves not as master pieces but as damaged goods. Although we don't see this consciously, it is evident by the choices we make, limiting ourselves without even knowing that we have accepted in our minds that what we deserve is less because of our stains, wounds or damages.


A classic example of this is dating a guy that you think is good enough based on the limitations you have for yourself. Similarly to buying a ugly pair of shoes because that's all the store has in size 12 and you don't want to keep looking because you've grown to accept that women shoes stop being cute after size 9 (afterwards it's just a baby crib without the frills I digress). So you purchase the shoes and eventually you break it in and settle. The fact of the matter is your feet deserves as beautiful of a shoe as any other foot size 9 or otherwise. If that mini boat of a shoe does not suit you then perhaps you should simply wait until you have more time and continue to shop for what you want and deserve.


We are flawed all of us and though society has a way of making us feel imperfect in comparison to everything around us, the illusion is simply just that an illusion. We are works in progress and we must embrace our flaws continue to grow improve and develop our selves for the sake of being better versions so we can have the world as our oyster.



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