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Playing Hanky Panky at Work

February 15, 2016


Dear D’annie


I have been working in an office for the past three years, with endless days and empty conversations with my colleagues during lunchtime. With the long hours, I have not been able to get out a lot either, so I have not met anybody special in a very long time. Then she came in the door.


The office hired the most beautiful, hilarious and intelligent girl I have ever met. We connected immediately, and I have fallen head over heels for her. We sneak around all day and make out in the supply closet and so on. The huge problem is our boss. A woman scorned him bad about thirty years ago. He made a rule where dating employees at the office is prohibited, which makes our little romance a lot more exciting. In spite of the endless days and empty conversations with colleagues, I like my job. I do not want to lose my job or quit, and I do not want that for her either. She makes working here a lot less insufferable. I finally have some excitement on my schedule, but we have to keep our relationship secret. Eventually I want to make it official, if we get that far. What do I do?



Dear Finally Excited


In today’s society empty conversations seems to be more the norm that those with substance.  People now a days yearn for connectivity and something beneath the surface.  We once use to have full lives where we were able to get our connections from the other parts of  our lives.  Work use to be work.  We were able to survive   work because we knew that at the end  of the day our real lives awaited us. 


Although some of us are lucky enough to have full lives; the rest of us not so much.  Work has become the place where people are looking for great conversations, excitement and some times as in your case even passion.  There is an old saying, don’t get your honey where you make your money and there is a lot of truth in that adage. You sated that “the huge problem is our boss”, I don’t believe that is the big problem.  I believe a bigger problem is the possibility of how this could all end.


 In life we make choices and I believe in this case the one you are making right now serves the purpose you want it to but be careful that in the end it may not serve the purpose you want it to. If this works out; love is always worth it, however if it doesn’t work out you could regret it.  The choices you make now could prevent that the outcome so either ways choose wisely. There is wisdom in the adages and so I will advice you to think carefully about your honey and how it could affects your money.



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