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Why? Why? Why?

June 13, 2015


Why do we take care of others

but not ourselves at times?
Why do we think that it is

better to have love and lost,

than never to have loved

at all/Is it? 
Says who? the loser?


Why do we see what we want even when the obvious is staring us right in the face?
Why to we lie when we are trying to find the truth ?
Why do we cover up the truth with lies?


Why do we wait to say I love you?
Why do we pretend not to care when we do?
Why do we need labels for things that are bad for us
but not for people that are bad for us?


Why do we cry when we are happy 
but hide when we are sad?
Why do memories teach us 
yet we fail to remember the lessons?

Why do we reflect more and project less?

Why do we run to; not from,

and why from not to?
Why do we create a version of ourselves
instead of just being who we are?


Why do men sometimes act like women and 
why do women sometimes act like men?
Why do we regress, suppress,

ingest not just digest?

Why do we try to fail

YET sometimes fail to try?

Why do we look at the present 
as if it has no future or past?

Why don’t we say what we mean

and mean what we say?

Why dont we say see you

instead of goodbye
Why don’t we ask questions more?…….Why?


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