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So you wanna be like Cookie?

April 5, 2015


So you “wanna” be like cookie: newsflash cookie doesn’t want to be like cookie

Since the series empire came on the scene every woman wants to be like cookie. Even Mary J Blige was quoted in an interview saying she adored Cookie and wish she was like her. No shade but here is the problem with that. Cookie really doesn’t even want to be cookie. She regrets giving up seventeen years of her life for a man she thought she knew only to realize as the season progressed that her ex husband is the devil’s twin. Not only did he divorce and abandon her but he also never went to visit her and did not ensure that her children were aware of the sacrifices she made because of him. 


This woman sacrifice seventeen years of her life for a man who would not have done the same for her and whom she had to fight scratch and almost suffocate in order to get what was rightfully hers. Like many women Cookie made a decision with her heart and her vagina and guess what? She is still paying the price for it. Sure she has the clothes and the money and the glamour but is cookie really happy with being cookie? How do you think cookie’s hindsight feels? Robbed is my guess.


Cookie has these “cool” catch phrases that she rattles off that under normal circumstance if used in a place of employment could get some one fired, or in certain situations get the wind knocked out of her by anyone one of the receiving end of the “oh no she didn’t” statements. I applaud women for wishing they could say what they really feel without ramifications or concerns of what will happen, well that’s why cookie is Character and not a role model. If anything you should be saying thank goodness that I am not like cookie, I make choices outside of my heart and my vagina, I will not take a wrap for a man who will divorce me and move on like nothing happened and I will value myself enough that when a man does not treat me with the respect I deserve I will leave him before I convince myself that he loves me just as much and would do the same for me.



Here is an idea; you want to be like someone well be a better version of yourself. Admire the character for what she is but understand that she is just that, a character let art imitate life and not and not life imitate art.


Dannie Grandison

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