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How does your service stand out?

If you are trying to be better, do better, chose better, and simply let go some of the emotional baggage that has been breaking your back including anger, anxiety, LONELINESS and dissatisfaction with the way your situation is, will be, ended up or you are just pissed off and you are not even sure why, currently, then is the service for you.

A healthy dose of non-judgmental reality that tells you the thing you may not want to hear but desperately needs to about your current situation is the reason you should use my services. I am non traditional in my approach but after our first session you will leave with food for thought, awareness and a epiphany that change needs to occur. I also provide additional resources such as a meet up group to help you stay in touch outside of our sessions. Although I have a masters degree in counseling and a masters degree in education. I am NOT A LICENSE COUNSELOR. I take a holistic approach to healing, transitioning and finding out the source and root of the toxic matter, energy or issue that is holding you back.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I enjoy helping with the process of connecting the dots for people. I always wondered what my gift was a child and even as an adult. I didn't sing or dance or had one of those talents that was obvious at least to me. I was told that God gave everybody a talent/gift and I wondered what mine was, until I figured out that I am good at helping people to see through a different lens, connect the dots and identify the shadow that haunts that is often not recognized. I enjoy finding the root cause and watching the dots connect.